Sunday, January 18, 2009

We're Taking it Back

John Cole is bitchin' about the pomp and circumstance of the inauguration:
I can’t tell if it is just my general lack of enthusiasm for crowds, but there just seems to be a bit of unseemly gushing- this feels like Princess Di or something. I realize that the rise of cable news and 24/7 coverage means that it is going to be either the inauguration or some kidnapped blonde teenager, but I don’t know- it just seems excessive.
While I sympathize with Cole, he acknowledges "helped Bush get elected" and he "was in full-fledged wingnut phase, and I remember cheerleading the landing on the carrier" when Bush spoke under the "mission accomplished" sign.

These are important because as a former wingnut he doesn't recognize the need for progressive patriotism. John Nichols at The Nation has an excellent article on it this week. For eight years liberals have been treated as second class citizens and told they don't love America if they question the administration. Obama's election has allowed many who believed they'd never again find reason to show their patriotism.

There are many things to celebrate this week and Cole recognizes most of them: Bush leaving office, first black prez, Democrats in power, but the freedom to let go and show, "Yes, we too love America." Republicans don't have a monopoly on patriotism. Obama recognizes that his supporters and America needs a cathartic moment. He can build up goodwill and it's smart politics to give s many Americans a chance to feel like they are apart of this moment.
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