Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Mister, Will You Sign My Trading Card?"

Trading cards
Originally uploaded by Al Franken for Senate
Some where I have a couple Al Franken trading cards that picked up at the MN State Fair in '07. I never expected Franken to have a chance of winning. Especially after our caucus, where he was often the third choice candidate. It appears, according to the Star Tribune, he's going to pull it off.

Talking Points Memo has been doing yeoman's work with their coverage of the recount. Franken has pulled ahead by 225 votes. Honestly, MN is a blue state. Coleman should have lost more handily, and to a different Democrat he would have lost by more votes.

Independence Party Dean Barkely candidate picked up 15% vote due to voters dissatisfaction with both Franken and Republican Norm Coleman.
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