Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Say It Ain't So, Barack.

Ambinder's got it all:
It's true.

He motorcaded to a house in Maryland this evening, and if the press pool report is accurate, he is breaking bread with William Kristol and David Brooks. (If Brooks and Kristol seem to be unusually briefed about Obama's thinking, you'll know why.)

CBS News's Dan Raviv tells the pool that the house, on Grafton Street in Chevy Chase, belongs to George Will. (Unless he's moved.)

Tomorrow, I hear Obama has another private meeting with non-Republican opinion columnists.

Ellen Moran, the incoming White House communications director, set these meetings up.

Again -- establishment opinion matters to the Obama communications team.


  1. You didn't immediately see this as reaching out to the other side, showing willingness to listen, and all the other good things he promised all campaign long?

    Presumably, by now you realize what a master stroke of politics this was.

  2. It's going to take a minute for all of us to get used to someone making a promise and actually keeping them LOL

    I agree Brendan, it was a brilliant move on his part.