Thursday, January 1, 2009

Conservative on Conservative Violence

One of my greatest joys during the campaign was Republican on Republican violence. Both Kathleen Parker and David Frum were heroes for a period. I'd regularly read the boys and the crazy K Lo at the National Review. There insanity led me to The American Conservative, who despite Pat Buchanan's bigoted rants, is a great read.

Clark Stooksbury today takes on the Right once again:

"I finally saw David Zucker’s witless An American Carol, which consists of 80 minutes of Kelsey Grammer reading Hugh Hewitt columns aloud. Grammer, John Voigt and several other rightwing actors embarrass themselves in this film dedicated to the proposition that one should always support any war, period, as long as the U.S. is fighting; and that the only possible stances are mindless militarism and empty, “give peace a chance” pacifism.

As bad as An American Carol is, I give it credit for accurately capturing the mentality of the Right in the late Bush years, as represented by Townhall, Pajamas Media and the Republican party. It even features Trace Adkins calling an audience of soldiers, sailers and marines the “real America,” in true Sarah Palin fashion; in spite of the fact that, as Andrew Bacevich has pointed out, only a tiny percentage of Americans are actually fighting in its wars."

Gotta love it!


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