Friday, March 27, 2009

Lykke Li @ NTBR Part 4 - "Hustlin'"

Lykke Li @ NTBR Part 4 - "Hustlin'" from Drew Innis on Vimeo.
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Obama Administration 60 Days In

There are a few main reasons I voted for President Obama and three of them came to fruition within the last week.

The administrations attempts to reach out the Iran, as he did last Friday in Obama's Nowruz message, the EPA decision to stop mountaintop removal mining, and the executive order to lift the ban on federal funds for embryonic stem-cell research.

These are actions that never would have occurred under a McCain administration. This is the garbage that the Bush administration forced down our throats and left many of us questioning the other half of America. America has an opportunity here to make things right, where so much was wrong the last eight years. Things of course aren't perfect coming out of Washington. Under pressure from the NRA and Blue Dog Dems, the administration and Eric Holder decided against bringing back the Clinton era assault weapon ban. This is frustrating in that there are no real reason a citizen needs to own the weaponry the administration wanted to ban.

Secretary Clinton stressed yesterday that America feeds the Mexico drug trade, both through the drug market and our weapons flooding the streets of Mexico, and we need to do a better job in preventing guns from entering Mexico. This argument falls on deaf ears of the gun lobby, and I can understand why Obama wouldn't want the headache of the fight this year. He needs the support of those Blue Dogs to get his initiatives through.

I just hope he takes them up soon. We need to use every weapon of our own to prevent these weapons from reaching the wrong hands.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Web 2.0 Taking Over SXSW

My buddy Jay Smooth over at and IllDoctrine was interviewed by PBS at SXSW. It's nice to see hip-hop blogging and video blogging in general get some publicity, and of course, we want Jay to get as much attention as possible. We know being named one of the sexiest men alive on didn't go to his head quite enough. The interview is a must watch for anyone interested in the interactive and expanding world of blogging and video blogging:

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Chuck D Still Has It

Public Enemy w/ The Roots on Jimmy Fallon. Great clip.
via: Stereogum

Web 2.0 Taking Over the Capitol

My favorite Twitterer Sen. Claire McCaskill just launched a tumblr via a tweet.

Be sure to add her to your feed.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Please, Hammer, Don't Hurt 'em!

From following MC Hammer's Twitter, I know he's got a lot going on right now. But there's definitely something ironic with an MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice show in Oren, UT, covered in last week's Newsweek:
Even though their music has come to represent all that was cheesy about the '90s, instead of hiding from it, these two old friends perform it. It's a feat requiring either a complete lack of self-awareness or an overabundance of it. Most would settle for the former, but don't hate on Hammer and Ice for choosing the latter.
Hammer and Vanilla Ice no doubt were in my tape deck rotation in middle school. Who at that age didn't call out, "Please, Hammer, don't hurt 'em"? I know I sure as hell did. Hammer had more of a lasting presence shape shifting his way even onto the Suge Knight's Death Row Records. You can find that album if you Google correctly.

I'm happy for him. He's still getting paid to perform. When you're a born performer, I can't imagine what it'd be like to give it up. But Utah, listen to the journalist describe the audience:
They come costumed: neon colors, translucent fabrics and acid-wash denim, with teased hair and single earrings. Many of them wear the pants that became Hammer's sartorial trademark. One woman wears no pants at all, the better to read the words stitched on the rear of her red panties: "Ice Baby." Most of these folks were just born the last time Hammer and Ice performed together 18 years ago, if they were born at all. Somehow, they still sound nostalgic. "I hope he does his old stuff," says Reagan Nickel, 21, who trekked an hour and a half from Bountiful, Utah, to see Ice. "I saw him on TV a while ago bashing his old stuff. He shouldn't bash it, he should be proud of it. We are. Aren't we proud of it?" "Yeah!" shouts a sextet of nearby girls, in unison, every last one of them 14 years old. The majority of the crowd falls into the late-teen, early 20s range. They aren't the ones who bought Hammer's and Ice's records the first time around. They got their nostalgia secondhand, from VH1's ceaseless "I Love the '80s" and "Awesomely Bad" specials, from iTunes recommendations, from "Family Guy," which derives a solid half of its humor from arcane pop-culture references. To these kids, the Hammer era is fun and frivolous, something to celebrate, not to deride. It's not the lame music their parents conceived them to. It's the music that blared from their older siblings' rooms.
Ironic, right? These kids are reliving my early teens with more gusto than I ever had the first go round. Rock on, Utah! Rock on, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

Life After Death

First ever known recording of Biggie, at 17, in a freestyle battle in Bed Stuy.

Today marks the 12 year anniversary of the passing of Chris "Notorious B.I.G" Wallace. To say I was a fan of his music would be an understatement. In many ways his larger than life personality provided my 16-year-old self with inspiration. It really is a shame he had to go out like he did, but when you live the life he did you're constantly putting yourself in constant risk.

Vibe has been doing an excellent job today. They have a four part narrative of Biggie's life, part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. Vibe also included a 12 part YouTube montage of Biggie's greatest moments. All worth watching, here. Rest in peace, Christopher Wallace, still larger than life even after death.
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

World Builder

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.
A strange man builds a world using holographic tools for the woman he loves.

This award winning short was created by filmmaker Bruce Branit, widely known as the co-creator of '405'. World Builder was shot in a single day followed by about 2 years of post production. Branit is the owner of Branit VFX based in Kansas City.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

David Brooks is a tool.

Want proof? He thinks far too much about Michelle Obama's attire.

Money quote from tomorrow's MoDowd article:
In the taxi, when I asked David Brooks about her amazing arms, he indicated it was time for her to cover up. “She’s made her point,” he said. “Now she should put away Thunder and Lightning...

David was not smitten by the V-neck, sleeveless eggplant dress Michelle wore at her husband’s address to Congress — the one that caused one Republican congressman to whisper to another, “Babe.”

He said the policy crowd here would consider the dress ostentatious. “Washington is sensually avoidant. The wonks here like brains. She should not be known for her physical presence, for one body part.” David brought up the Obamas’ obsession with their workouts. “Sometimes I think half the reason Obama ran for president is so Michelle would have a platform to show off her biceps.”
I mean, seriously, you have nothing better to think or talk about?
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Sen. Claire McCaskill on Fire

h/t sgwhiteinfla

I'd intended on posting this yesterday, but I got wrapped up in schoolwork and celebrating my birthday. Sen. Claire McCaskill was my favorite supporter of Obama during the Democratic primaries. She was a fierce ally of his and her sharp responses to the "Clinton Machine" won me over.

McCaskill hails from a red state and yet she still doesn't fear stepping on the toes of Republicans. Her Twitter is by far my favorite political Twitter and a must follow for anyone interested in Democratic politics. This video perfectly captures Sen. McCaskill fully. Gotta love the woman.

Detroit Housing Goes Boom

Detroit, MI, was once a thriving metropolitan. Those times are long over, but I was truly shocked by the housing numbers in Mickey Kaus' blog:
For the three months that ended in January, according to Trulia, the median sales price was $10,000.
This is down 79.8% from the same time last year. I've only been to Detroit once, and it was truly a depressing city. Empty lots, boarded up houses, mattresses and refrigerators abandoned on the street. The people I met were great. Tons of great music hails from Detroit. Hardship and cold weather seem to provide fertile ground for great art. The failing of the Big Three automakers only makes things worse. It's hard not to think poor management hasn't led directly to the dying of a proud city.
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna

It's been nearly impossible for me not to follow the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation, at least from a distance. But I told myself I'd never write about the subject. I didn't believe I had anything to add. Everything had been said or was being said by people. I still believe there are subjects where my opinion just doesn't have a place in the free flow of discourse on the Web.

But I do want to call attention to an entry by Dr. Melissa Harris-Lacewell. Dr. Harris-Lacewell is my favorite commentator on MSNBC. She always says something completely on point and her chemistry with Rachel Maddow is must see TV.

Anyhow, onto the important part and enough from me, money quote:
It hurts because in just a decade Parker will enter the world of dating and therefore the world of this violence and I will have to find new ways to empower and protect her. The though terrifies me.

It hurts because I have had women students sit across from me during office hours with dark glasses on a dark fall afternoon and refuse to take them off.

It hurts because one of my sisters was held captive at gunpoint by an obsessive and abusive boyfriend.

It hurts because I still remember hands that once held and loved me wrapped around my own neck with brutality.

It hurts because I know that most of our readers have these stories too.
Please read the full entry by Dr. Harris-Lacewell.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well Regards, Thoughts and Prayers Robin Williams

My thoughts are with Robin Williams. I saw him perform, live, in person at Bimbo's five years ago and he was electric. Mr. Williams is in the hospital currently in the need of heart surgery. Send him your most positive regards.
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Ackerman and Lake on Hi-Caliber Conservative Rapper

One of the funnier bloggingheads clips to date. Worth watching and more on Hi-Caliber on his MySpace. Here's Ackerman and Lake's "Dey Know (Blago)" on youtube.

Album and Concert Reviews to Come

Plans are still in the works to move from blogspot to a permanent domain shortly, and I'd planned on waiting until then to add music and concert reviews to the culture section here. A couple things changed my mind. The upcoming A-Trak mix Infinity+1 and a series of upcoming shows that are worth covering caught my ear. Each of which are right inline with the direction I want to take this blog. Stay tuned in here for this all to come shortly.
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Less 'Dog-Whistle' Journalism More Reporting

Coates caught something I missed in a Politico article I got a pretty good chuckle out of. Anyone that's followed this blog over the last couple months knows about my misgivings towards Politico.

TNC money quote from Politico:
On matters of racial identity, many observers in the African-American community say he benefits from what's known as "dog-whistle politics."His language, mannerisms and symbols resonate deeply with his black supporters, even as the references largely sail over the heads of white audiences.
See, this last line flew over my head. I just laughed at the premise of the article. The examples of "dog-whistle" politics they used never sailed over my head. If anything, Politico left out the best example of Obama's comfort with Millenial slang. This hip-hop vernacular was never more apparent during the primaries when Obama dusted the dirt off his shoulders. The larger question of joining the white audience as one isn't fair or accurate. Older white voters may miss much of this, but many of us Millenials know exactly what Obama means when he says, “Nah, we straight.”

The problem with Politico is they have two audiences. Inside the D.C political journalism sphere and Drudge. It's possible that neither audience may catch on to Obama's phrasing. The older, conservative audience on the Drudge already believe they are America and most importantly, they are white America. D.C journalists also believe their voice and worldview are the only ones that matter. I'm disappointed with the journalist who wrote the piece. Nia-Malika Henderson is one of the only African-American journalists at Politico. As such, I'd expect a less myopic article. She had the opportunity to explain Obama's vernacular was not obvious to an older white audience, but this only proves how language has changed this decade and Obama's connection to this evolution can help explain his appeal to Millenials and black supporters.
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Faith in Politics

Faith and flaunting your faith is important to securing the Republican presidential nomination. If by some fluke, the voters select a nominee that doesn't live up to this standard, we get stuck with a wackjob like Palin as the VP. in my three years in Minneapolis, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was never one to talk up the roll of his faith in governance. Not much ever got done under Pawlenty's watch. He was constantly fighting with the the Democrat dominated legislature. His budget war shut down the state my first weekend in Minnesota, leaving 9,000 people unemployed briefly. But a recent interview with One News Now leaves nothing to question, Pawlenty is working on the 2004 primary season already, despite his statement in the interview that he's concentrating on Minnesota.

Money quote:
"If you go back and look at why and how this country was founded, people who envisioned America and the American dream first and foremost said we need to acknowledge and be grateful to God," the governor stated. "And it's reflected in our founding documents; it should be reflected in our daily lives, our political values, our political principles, and our own behavior.

"It all starts with that," he emphasized. "That is the foundation upon which we build our house -- literally and figuratively."
Last night Rachel Maddow had him on. A Republican doesn't go on Maddow unless they're trying to up their profile. Pawlenty is boring. Nothing he is going to say or do is going to change that. Last fall, damn, I can't find the poll, but a Minnesota poll showed McCain doing worse with Pawlenty on the ticket. I wish him luck. He seems like a nice enough guy. How Minnesota is that of me to say? Heh
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Humor of the Day

Today's been a pretty good day for political LOLz. Both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show on top of their games. It's the best I've seen either show pull off since Jan. 20. In particular, Jon Stewart's dismantling of CNBC and Colbert's dismissal of Glenn Beck and fear journalism.

But I must say, listening to Mark Levin vs. David Frum clip from Levin's radio show might have taken the cake. It's a must listen for anyone like myself that's enjoying watching the conservative movement self-destruct. The anger and distrust these two men, supposedly from the same party with the same end game in mind, is just too funny. I've been following all of this infighting closely, and I'm loving it!
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Ta-Nehisi Coates is on Fire

TNC needs to be congratulated. He captured perfectly 95% of the reasons I'm not a conservative and instead a liberal.

Money quote:
I keep thinking about the big things that have always kept me from being a conservative--the knee-jerk worship of a past that branded me half a man, the elevation of the loud imbeciles who think science teachers should be using the Bible, the toleration and baiting of bigots who cloaked themselves in the garb of "States Rights," and now run under the garb of "protecting marriage." The common demonator here is an unreflective veneration of what was, a belief that tradition, no matter how backwards, can heal all. Thus it's only right, that Steele, Gingrich and Limbaugh make up the leadership.
The rest of the piece is well worth reading.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quote of the Day - 03.03.09

“I was a little surprised at the speed in which Mr. Steele, the head of the RNC, apologized to the head of the Republican Party," Robert Gibbs, WH Press Secretary.
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Quote of the Day #3 - 03.02.09

“I was briefly encouraged by the courageous comments made my counterpart in the Republican Party over the weekend challenging Rush Limbaugh as the leader of the Republican Party and referring to his show as ‘incendiary’ and ‘ugly.’ However, Chairman Steele’s reversal this evening and his apology to Limbaugh proves the unfortunate point that Limbaugh is the leading force behind the Republican Party, its politics and its obstruction of President Obama’s agenda in Washington. Just this weekend, Rush Limbaugh repeated his claim that he is rooting for the President to fail. The last time Rush Limbaugh said he wanted the President to fail, virtually every single Republican in Congress followed his lead and voted against the President’s plan to create or save 3.5 million jobs.

“As Congress works to pass the President’s budget, Republicans need to stop following divisive figures like Rush Limbaugh, stop apologizing to him and put aside the failed politics of the past so we can put our economy back on track, reform our health care system, break our dependence on foreign oil, improve our schools, and lay the foundation for long-term growth in the 21st Century.” - Tim Kaine, DNC Chair
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Quote of the Day #2 - 03.02.09

"But do the rest of us understand what we are doing to ourselves by accepting this leadership? Rush is to the Republicanism of the 2000s what Jesse Jackson was to the Democratic party in the 1980s. He plays an important role in our coalition, and of course he and his supporters have to be treated with respect. But he cannot be allowed to be the public face of the enterprise – and we have to find ways of assuring the public that he is just one Republican voice among many, and very far from the most important." - David Frum - a conservative Judas, at the New Majority.
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Quote of the Day - 03.02.09

"During his CPAC speech, Limbaugh praised President Obama for his gifts as a communicator, and he expressed genuine sadness over Obama's misuse of those gifts. Much the same can be said of Limbaugh himself, who uses his obvious talent and cutting wit to do little more than ridicule his political opponents. True believers have their place. But right now, Republicans are in desperate need of evangelizers. And if Limbaugh really does manage to drive them out of his party, he'll find his merry band of Dittoheads age and shrink into oblivion." - Reihan Salam in Forbes Magazine, my personal favorite conservative on
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More on Abortion

h/t Greg Sargent
More on pro-life blowhards:

Operation Rescue acknowledges there only hope to derail the Sebelius nomination is Sen. Sam Brownback, R-KS. What do they do now that Brownback comes out in favor of Sebelius nomination for HHS? They keep yammering. There is no middle ground with these people. There are no attempts to find ways that limit the need for abortion. There is only the villianizing of anyone who thinks or acts differently.

Again, we have a democratic administration across the board, and with the regionalization of the Republican party, there could be even more Democratic seats come 2010. If pro-lifers want to affect law, they need to find a way to work with people they disagree with not demonize them.
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Anger Solves Nothing - Truth be Damned

h/t Amy Sullivan at Time Mag.
I'm sympathetic to the feelings of pro-life advocates. I don't know anyone who is pro-abortion. Few set out to have an abortion. But many are willing to fight for a woman's right to decide choose. Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is one of those people. Yesterday's announcement she's going to fill the HHS position Daschle back out of was hardly a surprise for those of following closely. To show how common knowledge the announcement was, two pro-life organizations had already sent out press-release trashing the decision. They are worth reading:
Tom McClusky, Senior Vice President, Family Research Council

Governor Sebelius's record as Governor, a state representative, and a close ally of abortionists like the notorious George Tiller (whom she threw a party for in the Governor's mansion) leaves no doubt she will be a strong advocate for abortion disguised as "health care."

While a state representative, Mrs. Sebelius fought continually against parental notification, abortion waiting periods, and informed consent. As governor she twice vetoed abortion clinic regulation legislation and also a bill seeking to curb late-term abortions. If President Obama is serious about appointing Governor Sebelius to head HHS, (written before the appointment) he will be openly declaring war on the millions of Americans who support life.

Andrea Lafferty,Executive Director, Traditional Values Coalition

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius should not be considered for Secretary of Health & Human Services. She has a long history of support for the abortion industry in Kansas, including the notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller.

In fact, in 2007, she held a secret food and wine reception for Tiller at the Governor’s Mansion after he’d been the highest bidder at an auction sponsored by the Women’s Political Caucus – a pro-abortion group.

Making the Kansas Governor’s Mansion available to the highest bidder shows incredibly poor judgment. No political group should be able to use a taxpayer-owned Governor’s residence, as the hook for any organization’s fundraising.

Sebelius has stated that she’s worked to keep abortions rare and safe, but this is false. She has done everything in her power to protect the notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller and Planned Parenthood from prosecution for felony crimes! In 2007, she vetoed a bill requiring explicit medical reasons for a late abortion, vetoed legislation that would have saved the lives of babies who were victims of botched abortions, and she vetoed other pro-life legislation in 2006, 2005 and 2003.
I can't imagine how hard it'd be to decide to have an abortion, and I know that many pro-choice advocates mock the religious practices to that lead pro-lifers to their positions. But sharp words by these organizations do not help. Are they not aware that the President is pro-choice, most of the democratic congress is pro-choice, and polling shows most Americans believe abortion should be legal on some level.

Sebelius picked up the support of her ultra conservative senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts. Does this mean of these organizations are going to mellow in their opposition to Sebelius nomination. It's not likely. What these groups don't get is their word hurt their cause. There best options at this point is to forge alliances with the Obama administration in attempt to lower the abortion rate. This is a very serious time in the health debate and all sides are needed to get in through. This isn't possible with these supporters. It's all definites. You're with us or against us. And if you're against us you're a baby killer. This is better than years past when doctors were killed and clinics were bombed. But the dangerous discourse will only alienate you further from the mainstream and non of your ideas will be enacted.
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Quote of the Day #3 - 03.01.09

"For some thirty years, the American political conversation has been dominated by a strain of ideological conservatism that wields market fundamentalism as a sword and cultural populism as a shield." - Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker, Taking The Job
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Off the Deep End With No Idea How to Swim

h/t John Cole

The demise of the conservative movement has been JuJu's and popcorn worthy. It might be my favorite current politico event. At times it's cringe worthy. At times it's literally LOL. The lack of awareness coming from within the conservative bubble is shocking. Before going further, here's a link to the full Rush Limbaugh speech. As Hot Air title clearly states: "Limbaugh brings down the house at CPAC." Watch and makeup your own mind. Is this the America that more than 30% of us want to live in? He's a blowhard. But he's taken the reigns of the conservative movement and Democrats are all too pleased to give it to him. Rahm Emanuel said so this morning on Face the Nation. By allowing a man who has no interest in solutions, who flaunts his ideology and desire for the President to fail, conservatives are all too wiling to follow Limbaugh down the rabbit hole.

The thing is. These people believe what Limbaugh spews and are protective of his space. Not only is he there leader by choice, they are so starving for someone with charisma that they're willing to eat whatever he feeds them. The funny thing is, Obama laid this out there for Republicans and they fell for it. The End game behind Obama's “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done” comment is unfolding now. Congressmen are forced to grovel at Limbaugh's feet when they wrong him.

Limbaugh's approval ratings tell a different story. Following Limbaugh out the abyss is the answer most Democrats want from Republicans. To see how far gone many conservatives are, you just need to read Andrew Beitbart op/ed today in the Washington Times. Money quote:
About midway through Mr. Limbaugh's clear-headed, timely and sometimes rambunctious call to ideological arms, my BlackBerry began buzzing with elated text messages from across the Omni and across the nation.

A friend in Los Angeles e-mailed a one-liner: "Best speech I have ever seen."

My urbane father-in-law, the first person I knew who copped to listening to Mr. Limbaugh and who has been witness to most of the big events of the modern age, called it the "most thrilling thing [he's] seen on TV."

Hugh Hewitt simply titled his post-speech blog post "The Speech, 2009" and wrote: "Rush gave a speech ... that will be talked about for years and even decades."
But to demonstrate the level of delusion, Beitbart tops that:
It was an address that could have altered the election had it been delivered early last fall by any Republican presidential candidate.
Yes, Beitbart believes had McCain said what Limbaugh said, we'd be 6 weeks into a McCain administration. It's hard not to laugh. Go on, try.
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We've Come So Far

h/t Brendan

Wonkette has some great footage of Stevie Wonder performing at the White House last week. It's a reminder of just how far we've come in only six weeks. Just think, it was '93 when former-President Clinton had Soul Asylum perform. MTV did a great piece on the performance. A younger Wolf Blitzer and Andrea Mitchell make the clip worth watching. Sometimes I pinch myself to remind myself I'm not dreaming. Clinton was cool, in a friend's cool dad sort of way, with his sax and black shades. But Barack, he just oozes self confidence and cool in a way we've never had before in the White House. JFK was similar, but he was limited by his ailing body. Obama love for sport and culture allow him a rare opportunity to put forth a new image of America. No wonder he was such a hit with the young Hollywood types.
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Quote of the Day #2 - 03.01.09

“I think I’m closer to Benjamin Franklin than to George Washington. I’m a contributor to my country and to my times.” - Newt Gingrich "Newt. Again." New York Times Magazine
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Quote of the Day - 03.01.09

“If you watch where he’s going, since he’s been elected he’s sort of rejected some of the campaign rhetoric and said we have to deliberate, we have to be thoughtful. He understands the burdens of the office and at the same time understands that this is a center-right country. We’re closer to that, frankly, than the majority in the House.” - Eric Cantor, Republican House Whip, in "Newt. Again." New York Times Magazine
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Right America Feeling Wrong

Alex Pelosi, yes, birthed to Nancy Pelosi, is my third favorite Pelosi behind her mother and sister Christine Pelosi. I just finished watching her HBO documentary Right America Feeling Wronged. The film took me a second to process. During the campaign I was obsessed with red America turning blue or at least purple. I'd constantly ask friends questions about their home states. Most notably Virginia and Indiana. My weekend in Indiana further opened my eyes to some of the McCain/Palin supporters. I had so many questions about the culture and experience my friends had living in red states as liberals.

I'd seen similar youtube clips here and here during the campaign and was alarmed by the anger and resentment many of the supporters felt. I never experienced that type of antipathy towards McCain. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't alarmed and frightened by the Palin's speech at the RNC. The cultural lines I'd hoped could be blurred because of McCain desire to keep the campaign on the up and up were smashed.

Pelosi does a flyover of flyover country, capturing on a superficial many of those who are not ready for change, but instead of digging deeper and looking at the lives of a few, she portrayed the masses as uninformed bumpkins. The supporters she speaks to are all too comfortable sharing their worst fears of Obama, but Pelosi misses an opportunity to look into why they are so hesitant to change.

The particulars of Obama's life leave his story open to manipulation by right wing media and natural cultural reluctance. With funding as it was obvious she had, Pelosi could have done much more and giving more than just urban liberals something to gawk at. She could have told a deeper, more American story, with just a little more work.
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"The First Republican Rapper"

I love hip-hop as much as anyone, but I can't get over this guy Hi-Caliber. His MySpace is worth checking out. He got turned onto the G.O.P following 9/11 after his radio broke on the station Michael Savage has his show. I my minds eye I have this vision of A Clockwork Orange forced cleanse. I have no idea if people actually listen to this guy, but I'm curious how is reception went at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
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