Friday, January 16, 2009

Speeches Smeeeches

Everyone seems to want to tell Obama what to say in his in inaugural address. At the same time only one man is in charge of writing the speech. Head speechwriter Jon Favreau doesn't seem too phased, but again this was in December a lifetime away from now, with the days, hours and minutes being counted down by supporters to the inauguration. Obama himself described what he'll be going for with NBC/NY Times John Harwood:

From the Obama interview, it appears that he's on it. Truth is, he's set the right tone in all but his Germany speech. Mostly because he was reaching and didn't really say anything for the sake of looking too presumptuous. I know he'll screw up over the next four to eight years, but tone and content of his speeches from Jan 20, 2009 on, I'm pretty sure he doesn't need the advice of anyone. These types of articles/blog posts just make me laugh.
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