Thursday, January 1, 2009

Way to go Portland

Oregon's been a blue state since '88, but on the scale of one to ten, I'd say it's only a 5.5. Much of the state is made up of rural or small towns. For the last 40 years a Republican has represented at least one of the two Senate seats. Gordon Smith was just sent packing this year and before that Mark Hatfield was there for 30.

So you can imagine my surprise when Stu Rasmussen, the nations first transgender mayor, was elected last year in Silverton, Or., about 45 miles south of Portland.

Now word is, Portland is the nation's largest city with an openly gay mayor, Sam Adams.
None of Adams' opponents raised his sexuality in the race. Neither did he.

''This is a testament to how fair-minded Portlanders are that it wasn't an issue,'' Adams said. ''I spend my time on the basic issues of life. A part of that includes equal rights, but that's not even close to a majority of the time.''
This is great news and some forward thinking. Let's hope more big cities are going this direction.
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  1. Hey, this is (these are?) good news.

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