Friday, January 30, 2009

Leave Rushbo Alone!!

Before I start a day of homework, I wanted to get in on this Obama vs. Limbaugh fight. This morning Kathleen Parker, who I'm usually a fan of, criticized Obama:
Never start a land war with Asia. Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel (or who owns the patent on the microchip). Never let rabble-rousers get under your skin -- especially those whose popularity in some circles compares favorably with your own and whose earnings make bailed-out bank presidents envious.

While we're at it, tread very carefully around the implication that conservatives cling to their talk-show hosts out of anger and frustration.

That may be true, but the backfire Obama felt in West Virginia was a gentle zephyr compared to the blowback that can be bellowed by El Rushbo.
The assumption Parker makes is that the Republican base still matters. This is a mistake that many on the right and in the traditional media still think. The base was marginalized during the McCain/Obama campaign thanks to McCain's selection of Palin. Her subsequent self-explosion proved important because commentators like Rush who stood by her were blasted by the shrapnel.

Rush has no credibility with the American people, and the closer and the longer Republicans are kowtowed by their fear of him the more the GOP will be marginalized. Check out these Nov. 4 poll numbers (h/t Ben Smith):
Rush is the new Bush. No wonder McCain wants Obama to leave Rush alone. This is an argument sure to scare off any moderation within the GOP. House Republicans are already the most conservative and least intellectually honest members of the party. I can almost hear Chris Crocker crying, "Leave Rushbo Alone!!" But unless the moderate voices within the GOP standup, the party will be searching for relevancy for a long, long time.


  1. I'd never seen that poll before. C'est awesome.