Sunday, February 22, 2009

Puff, Puff, Pass vs. GOP

Matt Yglesias has drawn attention to the fact that legalizing marijuana is more popular than any of the current Republican leaders:

No wonder the Republicans are in so much trouble. And to think, S.C Guv Mark Sanford believes stimulus supporters are the real fringe.
"I think in this instance I would humbly suggest that the real fringe are those that are supporting the stimulus," Sanford said. "It is not at all in keeping with the principles that made this country great, not at all in keeping with economic reality, not in keeping with a stable dollar, and not in keeping with the sentiments of most of this country."
You just have to thank them for their wingnuttery.


  1. You know, as an American I am pretty appalled by the Republican party for a host of reasons. Chief among them is their oblivious delight in playing theoretical spin the bottle while real citizens, many their constituents, are having very very real problems.

    However, as a student of life and politics and rhetoric I am FASCINATED to see how this whole bubble bursts. LOL I mean, everything from demographics to global pressures to the damn tarot and astrology says the end is nigh for the Republican party as it currently exists. This hasn't happened in American politics in over, what, 200 years?

    Just amazing to watch. They seem quite unwilling to adapt. Maybe if they paid as much attention to Darwin as they did to some fictional blonde jesus (lower case "j") they would know what happens to those who do not adapt.

  2. I think it was 1856 when the Whigs ceased to exist. The current GOP has become a regional party and they just don't realize it yet. The next movement is to hip-hoptimize the Republican party. I look forward to watching this party transition.