Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just a Thank You

I want to send my appreciation to Joe Klein for watching Meet the Press this week so I don't have to. David Gregory is boring and has very little personality, but I've been intrigued by Bobby Jindal, the so called GOP Obama. He seems like a reasonable man. That is until he announced he was rejected stimulus money.

Klein takes Jindal on and then some. The money quote:
In other words, Jindal--the alleged voice of the GOP future--had absolutely nothing new to say. And what he did say, about the stimulus, was purposefully misleading. I'm not sure how well the Obama stimulus, banking and budget plans will work. No one does. But I do know how the philosophy and the misleading politics that Jindal offered today has worked in the recent past.
Thanks, Joe, for saving me the time. You're a lifesaver. I have some anthropology homework to do.
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