Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ms. Wallace is Stuck in Bubble About to Burst

Republican operatives lose presidential campaigns should have a moratorium before they can begin commenting on presidential politics. Nicole Wallace, the woman responsible for the bungling of the Sarah Palin, is now writing the for The Daily Beast. I'm not sure what The Daily Beast's hiring practices are, but they must be low. After all, they have Tucker Carlson and Ana Marie Cox write for them.

Wallace's piece this week is hilarious and it just confirms how much of her worldview is defined by the Washington bubble.
Since then, Obama has continued to campaign for the stimulus bill—even after its passage in both houses of Congress—because the White House sees the drooping poll numbers for the package. Growing numbers of Americans are questioning the bill’s size and impact on the deficits, its ability to create jobs in a meaningful and lasting way, and the items that sound a more like pork than job makers.

.... Republicans are at risk of being painted by Obama as being for “inaction,” which is far from the truth. Republicans like John McCain describe the stimulus bill as “generational theft,” and many people share that view. Senate Republicans offered their own package and included triggers that would shut off spending when the economy improved. These are sound ideas, but many of them never received much attention outside Washington.
She writes as if Republicans were not in power for the last eight years. Wallace seems confused. The party of inaction defined itself while they controlled all three branches (yes, they control the judicial branch.) The only plan put forth by Republican senators consisted entirely of tax breaks. Yes, no spending. So I'm not sure what plans she is referring to.

Also, what polls is she reading? I know that every poll, minus the GOP produced Rasmussen, shows the support has only dipped slightly then increased again.

The comments on Wallace's piece are also hilarious. The GOP has been defined by their actions and inaction as families struggle to make ends meet. Just as GOP House member after house member parked themselves in front of the camera over the last two weeks to "just say no" to Obama's stimulus.

I can't believe anyone still pays Wallace for her opinion. At least Steve Schmidt has the good sense to stay out of the limelight at this point. Too bad, Ms. Wallace hasn't followed suit.
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  1. Failing upwards. After finding out that Megan McArdle is being considered for William Kristol's vacant NYT editorial spot (and that William Kristol got a job at the WaPo) nothing can surprise me anymore.

    Although I will say I like AMC. Not as a journalist, but she makes a great Twitter friend.

  2. I just think AMC needs a job with TMZ or E television. She's not a competent political commentator.

    Megan McArdle is another one who means well, but she's no where near as smart as she thinks she is. Her ideology runs her reasoning and libertarianism is a joke. It's just not realistic in the real world. Thus, McArdle lives in her own world. I don't understand how she scored the Atlantic gig.