Thursday, February 5, 2009

File-sharing blogs being hit next

Blogspot's turned into the popular "music blog" site. One of my favorites is hosted on Blogspot, which I won't link to. Blogspot is of course hosted by Google. Today Vibe warned that many Google is deleting many "music blogs" and Google responded as you'd expect:
"When we are notified of content that may violate our terms of service, including clear notices of alleged copyright infringement, we act quickly to review it, and our response may include removing allegedly infringing material.”
This all comes down to the RIAA's on going battle with file sharing. But more importantly it comes down the dated music industry (more on this is an entry to follow soon) and their inability to control the profit on their artists. The Electronic Frontier Foundation continues to battle for the rights of the file-sharers. But when you use a free blog hosting service you've got to expect things like this.

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