Friday, February 6, 2009

Politics of Faux Christianity

Michael Gerson and the rest of the Bush lackeys have no business still passing judgment on anyone - especially other, so called, Christians. He chastises Christians for standing by during the Rwanda genocide and the Holocaust. I agree, anyone who stood by while thousands and thousands of people are killed should be condemned.

But when are those Christians in the Bush admin going to step up and praise Obama for ending the torture by Americans? Where were these pundits when the Bush and Cheney said we pushing us into an unprovoked war? Where was the moral outrage then? What is Gerson's response to Cheney's outrageous comments to Politico? I'm so sick of these partisans hiding as Christians.

They have no issue passing judgment on people from a distance, but when it comes to speaking truth to power, Mr. Gerson and his like clam up.

Officially, GTFO!

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