Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ESPN, The Sports Enabler

The SF Chronicle is running an AP story that says former baseball star and eventual member of Baseball's Hall of Fame Roberto Alomar has A.I.D.S and is being sued by her ex-girlfriend. has nothing on the story. Not on their front page breaking news or on the baseball page. Whether Alomar the lawsuit is frivolous or not is besides the point. The AP is running a story on it. How can ignore the story? I don't have cable television so I can't look on TV, but I'm curious if they too are ignoring it.

The coziness between professional athletics and ESPN is downright scary. ESPN is supposed to be in the profession of journalism. I guess that went out the window years ago.

At lease CNN/Sports Illustrated is running the story on Fox Sports has it up. Looks like ESPN is the only publication that's failed to recognize it.


  1. That's a nice catch, from someone who seriously appreciates media criticism.

  2. Brendan, they eventually posted a version of the article later that night with a denial comment from alomar.

  3. I'd say you should count that as a credit to you.