Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Web 2.0 Taking Over SXSW

My buddy Jay Smooth over at Hiphopmusic.com and IllDoctrine was interviewed by PBS at SXSW. It's nice to see hip-hop blogging and video blogging in general get some publicity, and of course, we want Jay to get as much attention as possible. We know being named one of the sexiest men alive on Salon.com didn't go to his head quite enough. The interview is a must watch for anyone interested in the interactive and expanding world of blogging and video blogging:

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  1. I love him and want to have a gang of his children, but that sweater.... LOL

  2. He seems really giddy. I was teasing him today that it he's busy flirting with her. He said he wasn't, but I dunno. The camera man was the husband of the reporter.

  3. Im sure hes excited, but again aside from the throwback sweater he can do no wrong in my eyes. She looked like she was into him a lil to me too.

  4. i'll tell him to lose the sweater.