Sunday, March 1, 2009

Off the Deep End With No Idea How to Swim

h/t John Cole

The demise of the conservative movement has been JuJu's and popcorn worthy. It might be my favorite current politico event. At times it's cringe worthy. At times it's literally LOL. The lack of awareness coming from within the conservative bubble is shocking. Before going further, here's a link to the full Rush Limbaugh speech. As Hot Air title clearly states: "Limbaugh brings down the house at CPAC." Watch and makeup your own mind. Is this the America that more than 30% of us want to live in? He's a blowhard. But he's taken the reigns of the conservative movement and Democrats are all too pleased to give it to him. Rahm Emanuel said so this morning on Face the Nation. By allowing a man who has no interest in solutions, who flaunts his ideology and desire for the President to fail, conservatives are all too wiling to follow Limbaugh down the rabbit hole.

The thing is. These people believe what Limbaugh spews and are protective of his space. Not only is he there leader by choice, they are so starving for someone with charisma that they're willing to eat whatever he feeds them. The funny thing is, Obama laid this out there for Republicans and they fell for it. The End game behind Obama's “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done” comment is unfolding now. Congressmen are forced to grovel at Limbaugh's feet when they wrong him.

Limbaugh's approval ratings tell a different story. Following Limbaugh out the abyss is the answer most Democrats want from Republicans. To see how far gone many conservatives are, you just need to read Andrew Beitbart op/ed today in the Washington Times. Money quote:
About midway through Mr. Limbaugh's clear-headed, timely and sometimes rambunctious call to ideological arms, my BlackBerry began buzzing with elated text messages from across the Omni and across the nation.

A friend in Los Angeles e-mailed a one-liner: "Best speech I have ever seen."

My urbane father-in-law, the first person I knew who copped to listening to Mr. Limbaugh and who has been witness to most of the big events of the modern age, called it the "most thrilling thing [he's] seen on TV."

Hugh Hewitt simply titled his post-speech blog post "The Speech, 2009" and wrote: "Rush gave a speech ... that will be talked about for years and even decades."
But to demonstrate the level of delusion, Beitbart tops that:
It was an address that could have altered the election had it been delivered early last fall by any Republican presidential candidate.
Yes, Beitbart believes had McCain said what Limbaugh said, we'd be 6 weeks into a McCain administration. It's hard not to laugh. Go on, try.
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