Thursday, March 5, 2009

Faith in Politics

Faith and flaunting your faith is important to securing the Republican presidential nomination. If by some fluke, the voters select a nominee that doesn't live up to this standard, we get stuck with a wackjob like Palin as the VP. in my three years in Minneapolis, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was never one to talk up the roll of his faith in governance. Not much ever got done under Pawlenty's watch. He was constantly fighting with the the Democrat dominated legislature. His budget war shut down the state my first weekend in Minnesota, leaving 9,000 people unemployed briefly. But a recent interview with One News Now leaves nothing to question, Pawlenty is working on the 2004 primary season already, despite his statement in the interview that he's concentrating on Minnesota.

Money quote:
"If you go back and look at why and how this country was founded, people who envisioned America and the American dream first and foremost said we need to acknowledge and be grateful to God," the governor stated. "And it's reflected in our founding documents; it should be reflected in our daily lives, our political values, our political principles, and our own behavior.

"It all starts with that," he emphasized. "That is the foundation upon which we build our house -- literally and figuratively."
Last night Rachel Maddow had him on. A Republican doesn't go on Maddow unless they're trying to up their profile. Pawlenty is boring. Nothing he is going to say or do is going to change that. Last fall, damn, I can't find the poll, but a Minnesota poll showed McCain doing worse with Pawlenty on the ticket. I wish him luck. He seems like a nice enough guy. How Minnesota is that of me to say? Heh
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