Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama Administration 60 Days In

There are a few main reasons I voted for President Obama and three of them came to fruition within the last week.

The administrations attempts to reach out the Iran, as he did last Friday in Obama's Nowruz message, the EPA decision to stop mountaintop removal mining, and the executive order to lift the ban on federal funds for embryonic stem-cell research.

These are actions that never would have occurred under a McCain administration. This is the garbage that the Bush administration forced down our throats and left many of us questioning the other half of America. America has an opportunity here to make things right, where so much was wrong the last eight years. Things of course aren't perfect coming out of Washington. Under pressure from the NRA and Blue Dog Dems, the administration and Eric Holder decided against bringing back the Clinton era assault weapon ban. This is frustrating in that there are no real reason a citizen needs to own the weaponry the administration wanted to ban.

Secretary Clinton stressed yesterday that America feeds the Mexico drug trade, both through the drug market and our weapons flooding the streets of Mexico, and we need to do a better job in preventing guns from entering Mexico. This argument falls on deaf ears of the gun lobby, and I can understand why Obama wouldn't want the headache of the fight this year. He needs the support of those Blue Dogs to get his initiatives through.

I just hope he takes them up soon. We need to use every weapon of our own to prevent these weapons from reaching the wrong hands.
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