Saturday, December 27, 2008

Senate Republicans Continue to Choose Wrong

I'm not the biggest fan of David Broder at the Washington Post. He often misses the forest for the tree. This week he's too busy giving the run down of the demise of the Republican party as they make become dominated by the Southern caucus. Broder sees the decisions as poor political decisions that will most likely cost them seats in 2010 in PA and OH. Again he struggles to understand how they can choose ideolgy over politically wise choices.
"Will congressional Republicans again sacrifice their political interest to satisfy their Southern-baked ideological imperatives?"
The thing is, Southern Republicans are choosing ideolgy over country. They're hellbent on breaking the unions and the Big Three, while ignoring the fact the foreign owned auto industry in their districts continues to receive subsidies to remain profitable and stay in TN and KY. The economy is in a horrible place and if they don't join the group trying to fix it, they are going to get run over on their continued trip to irrelevance.

With Franken winning in MN, Arlen Specter up for reelection in PA, a moderate Olympia Snowe in ME, Senate Dems won't need anyone for cloture and the Southern Caucus will put itself in the history books with Herbert Hoover. You know you've got a problem when Dick Cheney is warning Senate Republicans it's "Herbert Hoover time."

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