Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Obama Changing MTV Programming Already

Variety has a fascinating piece up on the 16 new reality shows in the upcoming season.

"While MTV pioneered reality series with 1992's "The Real World," that genre has become ubiquitous, so the network is offering a slate that avoids the backbiting and bitchery of most nonfiction fare.

"Our new shows will feature themes of affirmation and accomplishment," says Brian Graden, prez of entertainment at MTV Networks music channels and president of Logo. "Our shows are going to focus less on loud and silly hooks and more on young people proving themselves. These are themes that are consistent with the Obama generation."'

Obama hasn't even taken office yet and TV executives have already decided the next niche is a positive, forward looking perspective on programming. I wonder how long this will last.
MTV's hardly a bastion for high-brow discussions.

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