Sunday, December 28, 2008

Coliseum Facilities Cost A's Free Agents

Many of favorite professional sports memories occurred at the Oakland Coliseum. Most of them date back over a decade prior to the Raiders return from Los Angeles. The facilities have continued to deteriorate and after Al Davis' fleecing of the city of Oakland, there's just not the support to improve them or build a new stadium.

Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports has an interesting note in his recent column [ht:SFGate]:
"The A's rarely are major players in free agency, but the agent said that the poor working conditions and occasionally unruly crowd behavior at McAfee Coliseum are turnoffs for his clients.

"Many players are uncertain about the atmosphere," the agent said. "They're not as comfortable going to work there or having their families attend games there on a regular basis."

In 2012, the A's are scheduled to move into Cisco Field, which will be located approximately 20 miles south of McAfee in Fremont, Calif.

"That will help them recruit players," the agent said. "Billy and David are as good as anyone in the business. The new park will level the playing field for them and allow them to excel."'

I'm not so sure the stadium will be ready for 2012, as chronicled here. But I also don't think it's fair to link A's fans to notoriously rowdy Raider fans. There have been few incidences at A's games over the years, and while attendance has been low, the fans are getting a bum rap. AT&T Park has spoiled Bay Area sports fans. Hopefully A's fans will get the stadium they deserve. It's a shame it can't be in Oakland.

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