Saturday, April 18, 2009

An Unexpected Defense of Steve Schmidt

This is the last thing I thought I'd ever write in this blog. It's rare Republicans actions warrant defending - especially in this environment, but the articles questioning Steve Schmidt's commitment to gay marriage are out of line.

The most egregious smear of Schmidt was Mark Nickolas in the Huffington Post.

Nickolas accuses Schmidt of being an ambulance chaser:
The third type are the calculating political opportunists. These folks generally have few core values and try to anticipate a tipping point on a major issue and then quickly shift allegiances so that they can be on the "right side" as things settle. These people don't simply flip on issues due to the prevailing political winds. Instead, they are very thoughtful and calculating, always looking to get a strong head start on upcoming political change and positioning themselves to profit on their timing. You might call them political ambulance chasers.
It's obvious Nickolas doesn't know jack about Schmidt. Instead Nickolas righteous liberalism feeds a sense of authority and the ability to look down the appearance Schmidt's "Johnny Come Lately" to gay rights.

I wish Nickolas had dine even a little bit of research before writing this entry. He might not have wasted his time. on some such drivel.

Let's look a bit at the record.

A 09/04/08 Queerty blog entry: "Unlike some of his party peers, Schmidt supports gay marriage and in 2007 asked California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to back inclusive legislation."

A 09/05/2008 in blog entry on Good As You: "He did, however, tell personal stories about his lesbian sister, referred to LCR as an "important part of the party," encouraged the organization to keep fighting for what they believe in..."

A 11/07/08 Ana Marie Cox interview on The Daily Beast:
From: Ana Marie Cox
To: Steve Schmidt
Sent: Fri Nov 07 08:50:28 2008
Subject: Re: Calling you in 30

the passing of prop 8... any comment?

From: Steve Schmidt
To: Ana Marie Cox
Received: Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 7:03 AM
Subject: Re: Calling you in 30

I was disappointed with the result

A 11/14/08 article on Euro2Day refers to Schmidt as a spokesman for No on Prop 8:"They have raised a tremendous amount of money, and as a result they have significantly out-bought us on TV," said Steve Schmidt. "Every time somebody sees one of our ads, they've seen two of theirs."
Even my good friend Brendan snarked on Schmidt's motivations. A little bit of research by Nickolas or Brendan would have told them a different story. One of a brother of a lesbian who has spoken out in the past for gay marriage rights. One of a strategist who has walked the party line and worked from within to make changes. It's shame that I need to defend Schmidt from a liberal. Schmidt has finally reached the status that his opinion along with recent court and legislative successes for gay marriage give him a larger soap box to speak from.

Brendan in a later entry rounded up some of the Wingnuttery responses to Schmidt position. This response by the Right had to be expected by Schmidt and for this reason, especially, his decision to speak out is all the more commendable. Give the guy a break. You might not like his politics or his party, but questioning his motives is just wrong.

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