Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mark Halperin has a crush on Obama

A few months back Halperin was complaining that the media was too easy on Obama. He went in Charlie Rose and cried that the media slanted in Obama's direction. But it's as if Halperin has now bought into the "O-Train." He included the picture above over the headline "Why He is Dominating," following it up with the subhead "HALPERIN'S TAKE: Exactly 16 reasons why Barack Obama is exceptionally good at his job." The top two are:
1. On major decisions, almost without exception, he does what he thinks is right, rather then what might appear to be the politically expedient thing to do; in the end, doing what he thinks is right actually turns out to be better politics.

2. He-- and his vice president, chief of staff, deputy chiefs of staff, congressional relations office-- are experts on Congress and know how to approach, manage, manipulate, finesse, and meld with the institution in virtually every respect. (Up to and as far as the considerable limits of three-branch government and multiple egos).
The rest are worth reading, if you want inside the workings of D.C establishment media, but what's even funnier is how this new luuuurve for Obama skews the articles in a more positive light.

POTUS Stays Cool at Summit's Opening
Driving That Train: HALPERIN'S TAKE: 5 things Obama has done in last few days with minimal criticism (or none at all!!!) that would have gotten Bill Clinton hammered in his first 3 months.
And the headline he gives the RNC response to Obama:"Still Fighting the Stimulus"
And for Obama's weekly address "BUDGET SLASHER"

The most hilarious is the headline and image he gives a NY Times article critical of Obama that leads The Page: "Straw Man."

It's impossible to know how long this man crush lasts. I'm slightly worried. Halperin was so wrong throughout the primaries and general that I'm almost tempted to be concerned. I'm holding out for a David Broder man crush article in the Washington Post to ratchet up my concern. If establishmentarian Broder also falls for Obama we'll some trouble is brewing.

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