Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Take that Culture War and Shove It

Shorter version of Politico's "Obama skates while Right fumes:" 2009 is a new era and Obama's team plays the politics game really well.
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  1. I think you not only shortered it, but added value. Martin misses the point that a big part of the difference here is that Obama is a really, really smart politician.

    I'll add my own two cents. Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama does not have a pathetic need to be liked by everybody. While he would like to reach across the aisle, he will also do what's right without worrying about how the wingnuts will flip out.

  2. well, they said he was a great politician by describing his actions.

    bill and barack are so different culturally. where bill is your star quarterback, point guard and catcher. barack is the class president, president of the afs club and chess team.