Saturday, May 9, 2009

R.I.P Chuck Daly

Rest in peace, Chuck Daly. You were the first professional coach I despised. Your "Bad Boy" Piston teams won back-to-back championships by beating down and abusing your opponents. You showed you didn't need the best athletes or players in the league to play at the highest level. I loved the Bulls and I know had it not been for your coaching and style of play the Bulls and Michael Jordan never would have excelled later.

You "coached" the first 'Dream Team' to the dominating Olympic gold, but it wasn't so much what you did in the Olympics that brought you to the pinnacle. It was your commitment to winning by any means necessary. In that sense, you were the Malcolm X of NBA coaches.

While it's true I despised you, I always respected you and your teams. Rest in peace, Coach.

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  1. Chuck Daly is/was definitely Hall of Fame material; he will be missed